5 Reasons Why It’s Easier To Travel With a Credit Card
Posted on 8 July 2018
Words by Airscape Team

When it comes to traveling to our dream destination, we always want to have a relaxing and stress-free trip, to avoid any hassles. And since money is an important factor when going out of town or out of the country, it’s best that you bring your credit card with you, for a smooth-sailing trip. Here are 5 benefits that you should know when using your credit card for your trip:

1. It’s beneficial for emergency purposes

Although this is a benefit you hope you don’t get to use while traveling, it is important that you have a credit card, so you are insured in the event you or a family member is in involved in a travel mishap. You may also use your card to pay necessary fees, if you want to book a new hotel room, or when you miss your flight.

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2. It's convenient for shopping

As long as your credit card is accepted in the country where you’re going, it’s advisable to use your card instead of cash to avoid any inconveniences. Bringing a lot of cash while you travel is a bit discouraged, since you will be going around a lot of familiar places. So for your safety, it’s better that you purchase your items via credit card. Also, it’s better to use cards so your money doesn’t lose value as you trade it in the foreign exchange counter.

3. There are reward programs for traveling

Most cardholders aren’t aware of the extra freebies or discounts that they get with their credit cards. If your card is a travel credit card, you have a possibility to receive: access to airport lounges, discounts on airline tickets, complimentary food and drinks, and more! So be sure to check out your credit card’s promos before you travel so you can avail of these exclusive services.

4. You can buy now and pay later

Want to book that flight even if your salary for the month hasn’t rolled in? Don’t worry, you can easily swipe it with your card! The best thing about having a credit card is you can purchase your hotels, flights, or transportations in advance, so you don’t have to worry about last minute bookings for your trip.

5. You can easily book your tours with Airscape Travels Inc.

Why is it easy to book using your credit card with Airscape Travels, Inc? Now, you don’t have to physically visit our office or even go to any ticket centers, as you can book your trips online with us. With just one click, you can purchase an all-in tour or even a plane ticket, at the comfort of your home or office.

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