6 Eco-friendly Resorts and Hotels in the Philippines
Posted on 28 September 2018
Words by Airscape Team

With the recent closure of Boracay this year, more and more people have considered switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle to preserve the beauty of the natural resources of the Philippines. Here at Airscape Travels Inc, we want to encourage our readers and clients’ to choose to be more aware of keeping our tourist attractions clean and neat, so that we can conserve these places for the next generations. Here are six local resorts that support the eco-friendly movement:

Kermit Siargao Hotel Resort

Kermit Siargao is a popular accommodation spot among tourists as they provide affordable lodging, tours, surfing lessons, and delicious authentic Italian food. But aside from their many great features, they are also a proud supporter of the eco-friendly movement in Siargao. They provide monthly beach cleanups, and also use bamboo straws for all their drinks in the restaurant to avoid plastic.

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Photo: Kermit Siargao

El Nido Resorts

Known as the #1 island in the world (according to Travel + Leisure Magazine’s 2017 issue), Palawan is indeed paradise for those who love to go scubadiving, snorkling, kayaking, swimming, and many more! And since the beautiful islands of Palawan are composed of lagoons, forests, and limestone rocks, it is also home to a variety of fishes, birds, and mammals. El Nido Resorts composing of — Apulit, Miniloc, Lagen, and Pangulasian was awarded by the World Travel Awards in 2014 with Asia's Responsible Tourism Award because of their sustainable tourism operations. At El Nido Resorts, all their staff members undergo a series of training and seminars about environmental awareness and preservation. Also, their activities and island hopping activities are eco-friendly as they use specialized motor equipment for boats to not damage the marine ecosystem of Palawan.

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Photo: El Nido Resorts

Green Canyon Resort Pampanga

Want to go on a quick road trip? Located in Clark Pampanga is Green Canyon Resort, an eco-art resort that is built with eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood from old infrastructures and even trees that were destroyed in typhoons.The resort also practices sustainable living through their passive cooling techniques, day tour activities like biking and hiking, and even their waste disposal recycling practices.

Photo: Out of Town Blog

Amarela Resort

When in Bohol, feel free to check out Amarela Resort to experience the beauty of Panglao beach. And, also learn from their sustainable practices to keep the whole island preserved. Amarela Resort is a recipient of the ASEAN Green Hotel Award through their rainwater collection using the reed bed system, proper waste management of goods, and even monthly clean up drives. They also offer organic and healthy meals that are freshly harvested.

Photo: Agoda

Cocoon Hotel Quezon City

With the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s good to know that there’s a hotel in Metro Manila that is proud to be eco-friendly. Cocoon Boutique Hotel takes pride to be the first boutique hotel in the metropolitan to practice sustainable tourism and eco-friendly waste management. Through their management, they’ve implemented sustainable cooling systems to preserve energy, and their chosen furniture for their rooms are recycled as well.

Photo: Cocoon Hotel

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Want to practice being eco-friendly while enjoying the relaxing island of Palawan? Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is one of the popular resorts in Puerto Princesa as it is dubbed as a “luxury eco-friendly” resort. The hotel received the ASEAN Green Resort Award in 2012, 2014, and 2016, because of their eco-friendly policies like energy-efficient lighting and air-conditioning, low-flow showers, environmetal-friendly insulation, and even a no-littering policy in the resort proper. Daluyon is also a favorite choice among tourists because of the hotel’s beautiful sceneries and its commitment to conserve the beauty of Palawan.

Photo: Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

These six hotels are good examples to promote the eco-friendly lifestyle! Which one do you like to visit? If you would like to book your accommodations in these hotels, send us an inquiry.