6 (Free!) Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Getaway
Posted on 25 February 2017
Words by Bea Perdigon

Planning the itinerary of your trip can be difficult and overwhelming at times. Even when you think you’ve already planned to the last second of your trip, things are still bound not to go as planned. But through the help for technology, you have all the necessary tools to make your trip extra-ordinary and hassle free, with a few (mis)adventures along the way! We’ve rounded up six of the best travel apps to keep you stress-free while you’re sightseeing in another city.


It’s always nice to indulge yourself in the local cuisines of the city you’re visiting. If you’re looking for a nice restaurant to dine in, or just want to pig-out, you need to download Foodspotting! It’s an app that helps you find great food at a great price. It’s more visual than other food reviewing apps, so you can easily check out different restaurants via Instagram style! Just type your location or move and scan the map, and you’re good to go! (Available for iOS and Android)

Google Maps

If you’re already familiar with this useful app, you’re on the right track! But we swear, Google Maps will be your BFF once you travel to another city. It’s the most practical app that can help you explore and discover new places through it’s GPS navigation, traffic updates, and public transportation! It also gives you what routes are best to take with consideration to traffic, and price! (Available for iOS and Android)


Are you an OC kind of traveler? No worries! This all-in organizer app is pretty useful since you can organize your travel itinerary and your daily expenses here. Also, it comes in a colorful layout so you will be even more inspired to keep things organized while traveling. (Available for iOS and Android)

Xe Currency

The #struggleisreal when it comes to computing a foreign currency to Peso! That’s just too much math! Good thing you can download Xe Currency to help you easily determine if their value of money is worth spending for. With over 180+ world currencies featured daily, you have quick access to the conversion amounts without any worries! (Available for iOS and Android)

Google Translate

It pays to know the basic phrases of the country you’re visiting. Since not everyone can fluently speak English, and have trouble with even the basic phrases, Basic words like “hello”, “please”, “how much”, and “thank you” are super useful when communicating with the locals. Plus, if you get lost (in translation) you can easily go online and translate without breaking any communication barriers! (Available for iOS and Android)

Live Trekker

Say hello to the millennial way of journaling! Live Trekker is like an online diary where you can track your experiences in a visual grid-like map while saving the photos and videos of your trip. Best thing about it is that you can share it to your family and friends, so you can keep them updated with your journeys! (Available for iOS and Android)

#AirscapeTravelTip: From our experience, it also pays to save an offline copy of the city’s train and bus routes which you can review while on the plane. So when you get there, you can make your way through their public transport systems like a pro! Do you have any other recommended apps? Send us a message on Facebook, we would love to hear from you!