7 Money Hacks That You Have To Remember When You’re Traveling Abroad
Posted on 12 November 2017
Words by Bea Perdigon

After booking a trip, the next thing that most travelers ask is, “How much are you willing to spend?” Each person has different priorities when it comes to handling money while traveling. Some travelers love to splurge on food, while others like to shop til’ they drop. Others prioritize staying in a hotel, while others are fine with staying in an airbnb. Everyone has their own cup of tea.

But I think it’s essential for all travelers to be wise when it comes to spending, especially on an international trip. Here are some hacks that will definitely help you for your tour:

Photo: Icepic.com

Don’t bring all your cash when you’re out

When you’re touring a new city, tendency is you’ll be exposed to crowded spaces with a lot of people. So to avoid any pickpockets or even misplaced wallets, don’t bring all your cash in one go. Opt to put cash inside the safety vault in the hotel, or even place it in a secret compartment of your bag where you’re the only one who knows where it is.

Notify your bank that you’re going abroad

If you want to shop using your credit or debit card abroad, make sure that you tell your bank to set it for international purchasing. To be honest, I think this is a very important thing to remember, because I totally forgot to do this when I was in the US. (And believe me, it was such a struggle!) So learn from my mistake,and always inform your bank that you’ll be abroad, so that you have access to your bank account anytime and anywhere.

Check out rates of banks when it comes to overseas charging

In connection to the tip above, you also need to do your research on how much the fees are when you purchase things abroad. Although the rate depends per bank, it’s good to know an estimate for each so you know whether to use your card or cash.

Always bring US dollars

Let’s face it, Philippine Pesos isn’t that strong when you convert it internationally. So instead of bringing a lot of pesos out of the country, have it changed to USD already so that when it’s time to exchange your money, you get a little more extra! So be more wise and bring US dollars all the time since it usually has the higher exchange rate.

Try to be familiar with the local currency

Since you’re a tourist, you need to know the difference of each type of money, so you won’t be confused. I personally experienced this struggle in Thailand, because their 1 Baht kind of looks similar to their 2 Baht. So to avoid any mishaps or misunderstandings when paying, you need to familiarize on what their money looks like and how much it costs and so you won’t hold up the line when you shop!

Spend your remaining change in the airport

You don’t want to bring home extra coins! (Unless you keep them as souvenirs!) Since you won’t be able to exchange them when you get back, use them to buy extra things in the airport like food or bottled water. This makes your wallet less heavier, too!

Bring emergency money

Yes, we all heard of those crazy stories where someone lost their wallet abroad and they had zero money. Since you want to avoid this, always keep emergency money or an emergency credit card in a safe place, so you’re prepared for anything that happens.

Now you’re all set to travel internationally! Do you have more tips? Send us a message on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!