7 Travel Resolutions That Will Change Your Life This Year
Posted on 11 January 2018
Words by Bea Perdigon

It’s 2018! We’re pretty sure that you’ve listed down your New Year’s Resolutions. But aside from losing weight, saving money, and trying a new hobby, do you have any resolutions for your travels? Why not consider these seven simple yet life-changing tips that will totally make your year better than ever!

Photo: Icepic.com

Give back on your travels

Usually, when you travel, you always think of exploring sights or “finding yourself.” But for 2018, it would be something new to travel to a place wherein you give back and help a community there. Whether you join a clean up drive or participate in an eco-friendly bazaar for the locals, you will definitely help in so many ways! Plus points if you invite your barkada so that all of you guys can work together to help that community.

Engage more with your tour guide and the locals

It's great to go on a tour with your closest friends because you get to talk about the places that you visit. But sometimes, it’s also good to learn wisdom from the tour guide or the locals within the area, because you get to experience more of their culture. Through this, you will have a better understanding of the place and their dialect, language, or even their practices.

Try an entirely different cuisine

The usual comfort foods like rice or pasta are what we crave for after a long day of touring. But since you want to have a total experience of the place, better try their speciality or cuisine, so that you get to have a feel of what their locals enjoy eating. Make 2018 the year where you’ve tried different types of food!

Be more open to meeting fellow travelers

Traveling is one of the best experiences that you can have because you get to meet so many people from all over the world! While you’re on tour, get to know the people who are with you so that you get to learn and understand their lifestyle. Build friendships with them, so that the next time you’re in their country or city, they can tour you around.

Don’t always hold your phone

It’s okay to take selfies or videos of the beautiful sights of the place. But find the balance between using it as your personal use for your social media and actually exploring the place. Sometimes, it’s better to live in that moment, so that you can cherish it personally.

Opt for traveling solo

They say that you need to travel solo at least once in your life. And this 2018, make it happen! Traveling alone gives you the freedom and the peace to do whatever you want in any time that you want! Plus, it’s good for meeting new friends!

Try something new, in a new destination

Since this 2018, you’ll be visiting new places, make sure that you prioritize an activity that you’ve never done before. Whether it be Mario karting in Japan, or visiting the top of the Eiffel tower, these memories will surely last you a lifetime!