8 Travel Agency Lingo You Might Not Know
Posted on 06 September 2016
Words by Bea Perdigon

Congrats! You’ve finally decided to go on an unforgettable trip! But before you start packing your stuff, make sure that you are well aware of some terms to learn more information of your trip! Here are 8 definitions that you need to know so you’ll be fully informed of your trip:

SIC - Seat in Coach

This means you share a coach with other tourists on your itinerary within the day.

ETD - Expected Time of Departure

This means what time you have to leave. To avoid being late, make sure you check this on your plane ticket!

ETA - Expected Time of Arrival

ETA literally means what time your flight arrives in a certain destination. (So don’t mix it up with ETD, ok?)

BLD - Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Got no clue if your food is provided? Check your ticket or itinerary if it has BLD, this mean means breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

RT - Round Trip

This means a journey to a certain place or city and back again.

Full Board Meals

According to Tripadvisor.com, full board meals means breakfast with drinks but with no drinks during lunch or dinner.


In airline terminology, layover means a quick stop or break due to scheduling requirements.

PNR- Passenger Name Record

This is a record that contains your itinerary as a passenger.

Photo credits to: Pinterest