Airscape Exclusive: Services That We Can Personally Offer
Posted on 26 September 2016
Words by Bea Perdigon

Planning a trip whether overseas or local can be a challenging task especially if you haven’t prepared for anything yet. But don’t worry! With our services, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing! Read on and be inspired to book your trip asap!

Local and International Package Tours

Traveling for the first time in a place where you’ve never been before can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to go. However, if you already have a planned itinerary for you, things would be a bit easier! With Airscape, you can trust on the best personalized services for both local and international tours. Check out our list here on different tours that you can choose from.

Domestic and International Ticketing

Need help in booking a flight? No worries! We can book your ticket for you! We have access to the best travel deals worldwide! Plus, we offer high-quality and personalized service, so you won’t need to worry about a thing!

Hotel Reservations

If you can’t decide on what hotel to choose, Airscape will gladly provide you a list of hotels that would suit your itinerary or preference! And we have connections with different hotels so we can provide you exclusive promos and discounts, too!

Travel Insurance

You will be surprised to know that travel insurance is essential in every time. This insurance usually covers lost luggages, when something happens to the aircraft, delayed flights, and other losses incurred while traveling. So if you’re thinking of traveling abroad, this could be a great option for you to consider.

Pocket Wi-FI Rental

Oftentimes, it’s a struggle to find the fastest internet, especially when you’re traveling abroad. Since we noticed this usual problem with our clients, we have partnered with Skyroam Hotspot. It’s a global Wi-Fi hotspot that conveniently provides you without roaming or configuring fees. With P490 a day, you can easily be connected to Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat anytime!

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