Read These 6 Eco-friendly Travel Tips For Your Next Trip
Posted on 19 September 2018
Words by Airscape Team

Trying an eco-friendly lifestyle can be easy to do from the comfort of your home or work, but it can become a bit more challenging when you're out traveling. But, don’t worry! Eco-friendly travel is all about having a good and positive effect on the places you love to visit. So if you try these tips below, it will be much easier for you to carry on the eco-friendly lifestyle.

Bring your own water bottle

It can be dehydrating to go island hopping or trekking the whole day. That is why bringing a reusable water jug with you helps keep waste out of the local destination that you’re going through. When thrown away, single use plastic bottles fill up landfills and pollute the ocean. So it will be a huge leap if you pack a water jug with you.

Photo: Klean Kanteen

Avoid plastic bags while shopping

We love bringing home pasalubongs from our destinations! But usually, we place our goods inside single use plastics so we can hand-carry them on the plane. Again, single use plastic is usually dumped in the ocean if not properly disposed. So it’s better if you bring your own eco bag whether cloth or plastic so you can carry your things in style without hurting the environment.

Pick up your trash

Sometimes, we are not aware that the things we bring with us actually cost harm. For instance, smokers need to be more careful to dispose their cigarette butts, because these are not biodegradable and are full of harmful chemicals that can pollute water. Also, alcohol or soft drinks in glass bottles that are left on the beach can be harmful for others because of the sharpness of the glass. To avoid these mishaps, better bring your trash with you so you don’t have to pollute the preserved nature spots.

Bring your own metal utensils

If you will be touring the whole day, better bring your own set of utensils so you don’t have to purchase single use plastics. Also, if you like to drink shakes or cold coffee on the beach, better use a metal or bamboo straw as plastic straws may harm sea creatures such as turtles and fishes.

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Photo: Christian April Duran

Respect the wildlife

Whether you’re going to a beach or a forest, always remember that you are merely a visitor and not the owner of the place. Minimize noise and movements so you don’t disturb the natural habitat of the animals and plants there. You may also ask your tour guide about more information about the place so you know the type of plants and species of animals that visit there.

Ask how you can help

A little goes a long way! Since you’re technically a tourist to the place, try to help in your own way by searching for ways where you can give back to the province and the community. You may ask your tour guide if you can be involved in a beach cleanup or even purchase local products that support eco-friendly lifestyles. You never know that through your small acts of change, can actually help preserve natural destinations for the next generations.

Let us know what other tips you have in store!