Why It’s Easier To Process Your VISA With a Travel Agency
Posted on 25 March 2018
Words by Bea Perdigon

If you're aiming to visit a new country this year, it's most likely that Korea or Japan is included in your list of places to visit. Whether your plan is to visit the beautiful sceneries of Nami Island or even witness Mt. Fuji with your own eyes, you still need to apply for a VISA (if you are a Filipino passport holder) in order to enter your dream destination

Applying for a visa can be a bit tricky and time consuming, so if you you’re looking for a hassle-free way to process your requirements, here are three reasons why you should book a visa assistance with us:

You won’t feel overwhelmed

Sometimes, processing many requirements can make you feel swamped with so many questions! To avoid any errors, at Airscape we will make sure to explain to you what you need to bring in order to have a swift process. Plus, we will be in constant communication with you, so you are updated with the status of your visa.

You will be thoroughly assessed to make sure you get the visa

Are you a full-time employee? A freelancer? Or even a student? At Airscape, we will assess what type of category you fall under so you have complete requirements to be reviewed by the embassy. Also, we will give you enough tips and tricks about your itinerary, bank statement/certificate, etc. to make sure that you are granted the visa, asap!

You don’t need to go on leave from work just to process your requirements

One of the struggles of processing your visa requirements is taking the whole day off from work! But with our visa assistance, our travel agent will tell you what documents are necessary, so you don’t have to worry about going back and forth in the embassy.

Have any questions? Contact us here:

Email: inquiry@airscapetravels.com.ph Globe: 0917 679 0409 Smart: 0939 933 4024 Landline: 02 8943357 Office Address: President’s Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque City.

*Visa processing time takes 7-10 working days *We accept visa assistance every Monday, while file requirements every Wednesday