Around The World With Skyroam
Posted on 12 November 2016
Words by Catherine Mabini

If you travel often, you would know the cringe-worthy feeling of checking your phone bill at the end of the month and seeing the super expensive roaming charges! This is what I experienced for my four day trip to Tokyo last July. It almost made me wish I didn’t have to Facebook Live myself crossing the road in Shibuya… But then again, #noragrets! But how important is it anyway to stay connected while traveling? In this day and age, getting lost in cities is highly unlikely because of the presence of the internet. Not only that, we are so used to updating everyone of our whereabouts, and what we’re currently doing with our endless social media accounts that going outside of the scope of your LTE connection may feel like such a punishment. That’s why I am so happy to be able to take my Skyroam Pocket Wifi (brought to us by Big Sky Nation, Inc.) with me to all my travels! Not only is it relatively cheaper at only PHP 490.00/day, it can also connect up to 5 devices!

What is Skyroam?

Skyroam is a personal WIFI hotspot that uses a virtual sim to detect the fastest available network in your location. It can connect up to five devices and is available in over 120 countries worldwide! Just like in the Philippines, there are different mobile carriers that vary in terms of speed when at different parts of the country. This is one key advantage of having a sim-less device, since what it does is detect the fastest signal and connect to it. No need to worry about reconnecting it manually, the device does that for you! It also offers you flexibility of when you want to use the service. Say, you’re going on a trip to Korea and will be staying there for a week and would want to use the service on your first day, then the next would be two days after. Whether you want to use it everyday, or every other day, you only need to activate the “day-pass” when you need it.

My Skyroam Experience

I personally had the chance to use this last October when I went to Hong Kong to bring my 2nd nephew to Disneyland for the first time. I was excited to document (and by document I mean upload endless Snaps on Snapchat) him from his first airplane ride to seeing his favorite, “mamouse!” (Mickey Mouse) to just about his every move. Indeed, I was a certified #titaofmanila. I had a very pleasant experience because this little gadget literally lasted me all day! From the time we went out of the hotel in the morning, to coming back at around 8pm, this bad boy had powered through my endless Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram browsing! Safe to say, I was very impressed with its performance and equally pleased that I did not have to shell out a lot of money to have that level of convenience. While Hong Kong is generally a WiFi city, meaning there are a lot of spots where you can connect to free wifi, and quite easier to navigate than some cities, it really is still much easier to have your own personal connection. Imagine getting lost and not being able to map your destination, or being stuck in the railway not knowing what your stop is. With a reliable pocket wifi, you’ve got it all on your fingertips! For more information about the product and in which countries it is available, leave us a message at or call us at (02) 894-3357!

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