Recently, I was in Cebu for a short trip with my family, and I was able to witness again how beautiful the “Queen City of the South”, is! Aside from munching on delicious lechon and sweet dried mangoes, I was able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the island. Here are 7 instagram-worthy spots that I would highly recommend, when in Cebu:

Magellan’s Cross

Whether you’re with your friends or family, It’s good to check out Magellan’s Cross to learn more about our history as Filipinos. The legendary landmark is a must-visit, since it features a mural depicting the first mass in the Philippines, information about Catholicism in the Philippines, and the erected cross that was re-created in 1854, since the original cross deteriorated over time.

Trivia: On April 14, 1521, Magellan’s Cross was built by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who arrived in the Philippines as part of a Spanish exploration.

Photo: Wikipedia

Temple of Leah

Need a nice background for your gram? The Temple of Leah is an inspiration of Roman architecture and Greek mythology, so it has beautiful backgrounds of pillars and columns. Once you step inside the premises, you’ll automatically feel like you’re in Rome, with its beautiful structures and designs.

Trivia: Temple of Leah was dedicated to Leah Villa Adarna, by business tycoon Teodorico Adarna.

Photo: South Pole Central Hotel

Kawasan Falls

Ready to try something adventurous with your friends? Visit Kawasan Falls and try canyoneering. You’ll be: jumping off waterfalls, trekking in different landscapes, and swimming around different canyons, so be sure you’re ready for that physical exercise. Plus, don’t forget to keep your items in a waterproof bag!

Photo: Pinay Solo Backpacker


Oslob is a small coastal town within the south of Cebu. It is approximately 3-4 hours away from Cebu City, so be sure that you leave the town proper early so you get to catch the ferry. Once you arrive Oslob, you may opt to swim with whale sharks or relax in the nearby island, Sumilon.

Trivia: Whale sharks found in Oslob are the largest of their kind. They extend up to 43 feet long, and weigh up to 24,000 pounds!

Photo: Island Trek Tours

Moalboal Beach

Love to go scuba diving? Moalboal is the best place for you to visit! With just a two hour drive from the Cebu City, Moalboal is known for the best diving spots in the Philippines. Get a chance to witness the glorious and colorful underwater life of Pescador Island, home to hammerhead sharks and the famous sardine run. Be sure to contact a licensed diving instructor if it’s your first time to go scuba diving.

Photo:Cath Mabini

Bantayan Island

Craving for white sand and blue seas? Bantayan island should be part of your Cebu itinerary! Bantayan is a favorite amongst laid-back travelers since the island is pretty relaxed and less crowded compared to other beaches in the Philippines. Furthermore, its crystal clear water is not that deep, so it’s family-friendly for those traveling with kids.

Photo: The Poor Traveler


Malapascua is an island located in North of Cebu that is also known for diving sites. However, aside from diving, it is also a favorite island among locals and tourists as you can relax and be a beach bum while enjoying the peaceful island. This island is known for Monad Shoal where thresher sharks can be seen regularly before sunrise. Plus, Malapascua island is also a jumping-off point to Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte, so plan your itinerary wisely so you can maximize your trip!

Trivia: Malapascua island is the only place in the world where you can dive with Thresher sharks.

Planning to head to Cebu soon? Let us know! We would love to book your trip.


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