7 Reasons Why You Should Book With a Travel Agency During the New Normal

Still thinking if you should book your trip with a travel agency? Even with all the travel information at your fingertips, booking with a travel agency is even more necessary now during the New Normal. Let these 7 reasons convince you to book with a travel agent:

1. Expertise and knowledge in travel
In a world where anyone can be an expert in travel, travel agents have invested intense training and seminars to ensure all facets of travel are covered. From planning to departure and arrival, travel agents make sure all these information marries each other to form a smooth trip. When you’re going on a trip, you would want an expert to assist you in enjoying the best trip possible.

2. Prioritizes the clients’ preferences
One of the most important roles of a travel agent is to successfully match clients to their preferences. For instance, you would like to just have a relaxing trip with your kids, we will arrange every detail for your vacation by the beach with a nice view of the ocean. But for instance, you want a fun trip with your friends—that involves trekking, or island hopping, we would refer you to a destination that is perfect for sightseeing and adventure. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make the trip memorable for you.

3. Personalized services
Travel agents curate services to make a better experience for their customers. And contrary to popular belief, travel need not be just for the luxurious lifestyle! In this new normal of travel, personalized trips are the way to go— to protect everyone’s health and safety. Travel agents dedicate their time brushing up on the ever-changing restrictions and requirements of each country or location we give service. So when you get a travel agent, you can think of the most personalized trip, and we got you.

4. Save time
Have no time to go through all detailed travel protocols and requirements, confirming flights and hotels? With a travel agent, you can sleep well at night knowing you have the correct birth date on your ticket and the correct hotel booking near your itinerary. Planning a vacation with a travel agent actually saves time and money because we will handle all travel arrangements without the stress. And since we are experts with years of experience, we got everything covered correctly in a short span of time. So if you need to book a business trip asap, or simply want to book a spontaneous trip, we got you.

5. Connections and resources to better your trip
Travel agents have access to tools that can better your trip, for instance a nicer hotel with a more accessible location, or deals not available in the general public. Travel agents can also give firsthand experiences and tips to their clients, so they can maximize their trip.

6. Accountable and easy to reach
In the rare case that something on a trip doesn’t go as planned, travel agents are there to resolve the problem, so you can sit back, relax, and not be stressed. We will cover all your concerns and help you resolve problems quickly.

7. Sharing the passion of traveling the world
As travel agents, we love to explore the world — and we want you to experience it too. We are passionate and true advocates of travel because we believe that traveling truly changes your mindset because you are discovering new cultures, trying new things, and meeting new people. Whether it be a special celebration such as an anniversary or a birthday, or a simple bonding time with family after not seeing them for some time, we want you to share the same joy and passion of traveling with the people around you as well.

Ready to plan your trip with us? Contact us, and we got you covered.