What stops you from traveling to a new place? Whether it’s a fear of planes or fear of getting lost in the depths the woods, Merriam Webster describes fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by anticipation of danger. However once you travel, is your definition really the state of being in danger, or the state of being out of your comfort zone? Here are a few common travel fears, and how to deal with them:

Fear of spending too much

Yes, you’ve probably heard this excuse from lots of people. Usually, people have this mindset that when you travel, you use up all your savings in the bank. Although that can happen (if you max out your credit card while shopping), there are a lot of ways for you to budget your travels so you won’t have to stress out. Opt to choose your main “priority” when traveling, then the rest should be “secondary spending purposes.” For instance, if you prioritise in sleeping in a comfortable room with a private space vs. spending your money on shopping, then go invest in a nice hotel rather than booking an airbnb. Another example can be, if you’re not picky with food, you can opt to try local delicacies instead of eating in a fancy restaurant. There are plenty of ways for you to save for as long as you choose what you prioritize.

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Fear of traveling alone

I used to be so afraid to travel alone. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my friends’ or family. But when my friend had to cancel her return flight last minute, I was forced to travel alone cause I had no choice. One thing I realized is, I wasn’t really afraid of traveling alone, I was afraid of the challenge of doing it alone. But then, challenges and hardships are always bound to happen! So I changed my mindset and focused on “How can this challenge make me better?” And I survived my first solo trip alone. Don’t be afraid to do hard things alone, cause it will take you out of your comfort zone, and reveal a side of you that you never knew existed.

Tip: If you don’t like the idea of going solo right away, join a group tour and make some new friends!

Fear of getting lost

Are you that friend that gets lost easily cause you’re not good with navigating? Ah, you’re not alone. A lot of travellers actually are afraid of getting lost, especially in a foreign country! So what should you do? Thankfully, we live in a generation of the internet where you can google anything anywhere. Before leaving for your trip, be sure that you have a pocket Wi-Fi with you (you can rent one with us here) so you can easily access the maps application in your phone. If however, the country is set in different symbols and characters, be sure you make your research first on notable landmarks near your hotel or airbnb so you won’t be afraid to explore the area.

Fear of not knowing the language

When I was in Bangkok, the locals were speaking to me in Thai, and at first I found it weird. However, through the course of my trip, I learned words like “Khop kun = Thank you,” or “Sawatdii = Hello,” and I felt this sort of warmth from the locals. Whether you’re staying for a day or a month in a country, be sure you learn their basic language so you get a hint of their culture. Because of this you become a real “traveler”, as you pay respect to their practices.

Fear or being overwhelmed with logistics

Are you not-so good at planning? If yes, then creating an organised itinerary everyday can be a struggle for you. And if you fear that you will be too overwhelmed with having to plan your flights, tours, and accommodations, then have someone arrange it for you! We provide all-in services for travels, so you won’t have to be afraid of missing any details.

See our list of itineraries here.


Fear of applying for a VISA

I personally know a lot of people who fear this because of the feeling of being rejected. Believe me, I know the fear of getting denied or even the lazy feeling of having to process my papers just so I can apply for a visa. However, you’re not alone! As a Filipino citizen, we have a lot of restrictions on traveling (except for ASEAN countries), so generally all of us have to go through the same processes. Instead of worrying about your application, think of the positive side and focus on submitting all your requirements. I also highly suggest that you ask advice on an expert’s point of view when it comes to legal matters and official documents, you don’t want to leave these matters in the wrong hands, right? And, if you have a specific concern regarding your visa application, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry.

We can process your VISA to avoid any hassles! Send us an email here

Fear of accidents

My parents used to be so afraid that I get into an accident while traveling. Although they still sometimes have those same feelings, I always tell them to think of it in this way: life is short. If you think of it, the same things could also happen in your current work or school place. An accident can happen while you’re going to work or school. You have no control over these situations! But it’s great to treat your travel fears like you would in every other risk you encounter daily.

Tip: Don’t forget to take safety precautions about the situation of the country or province that you’ll be visiting. For instance if there’s a volcano eruption in Bali or even an upcoming storm in Batanes, it’s better that you stay safe at home and not proceed, if you think this situation will harm you. You may also apply for Travel Insurance just in case you encounter an accident, delay, or a mishandled baggage. We also offer travel insurance here at Airscape Travels Inc. by Pacific Cross for as low as PHP247.00 for four days. Send us an inquiry on how to avail.


Fear of meeting new people

I used to be very uncomfortable in meeting new people. However, through traveling locally and internationally for the past years, I have become a better conversationalist when it comes to speaking with locals or tourists. How did I do it? I learned to bond with them. When talking with locals, ask about their way of life and what makes them love their city or province. And when you talk to fellow travellers, ask their opinions on a certain place that you’ve never been to, so you get their insights on things. It may seem scary to talk to strangers at first, but in the long run, it turns out fun because you get to engage with new people with difference experiences than yours.

So don’t be too afraid to travel and go beyond what you’re used to! At the end of the day, these experiences will be the best memories that you can share with others. And that makes it so worth it.


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