The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. And although time and time again we encourage you to write your travel goals and hope for the best, this year we want to go a different route. Since 2019 has just rolled up, we challenge you to level up your travels and itineraries to reach for new goals this New Year! Whether it’s trying something difficult for the first time or visiting a country no one in your friends’ list has visited, now is your chance to shine! Check out these 6 ideas to help you live the best travel year of your life:

Invest on great luggage

Now that you know you’ll be traveling 3 to 5 times a year, might as well invest in high-quality pieces that you can use all the time. Avoid cheap travel luggage, because it will cost you more in the long run and might even ruin your trip (if it breaks!)

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Visit your dream country and apply for that VISA

Done traveling around South East Asia? Now, what’s next? If you really want a challenge for 2019, apply for a visa to your dream country! Whether it be visiting Europe, United States, or Japan, it’s something worth trying! Do your research on what types of papers you should bring so you won’t be incomplete when you apply for a Visa. Furthermore, ask around from your friends so they can give you personal tips and advice.

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Try a new mode of transportation

Always flying? Why not try going on a cruise? There’s something so fun about doing things for the first time. And although going on a cruise can be a bit daunting at first, it can be a great experience to spend time with your friends and family when you go!

Get an upgrade

Been flying a lot for the past years? This 2019, opt to travel hassle-free by getting an upgrade. You may choose to fly in business class or even get a simple food upgrade in your in flight meals to reward you of a pleasant and prosperous year ahead!

Plan a group tour with your friends or family

Haven’t arranged an extensive trip with your loved ones? This 2019, make it happen! As early as now, plan your dream getaway with your friends and family, so you can plan things a bit earlier without any rush. You may also ask us on what tours we offer for a relaxing and personalized trip for the books!

Bring something that reminds you of traveling

Does a certain product remind you of traveling? If you have a favorite dress that you love to take to the beach or even your trusty camera that takes all your pictures in your trips, bring it with you all the time to symbolize your love for exploring. You may also opt to purchase Nautica Voyage Heritage perfume, to inspire you to plan out your 2019 travel goals!

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