Heading north? There’s more to see aside from the usual spots like Baguio and La Union. Try spending a few days in Ilocos Norte and be immersed in Philippine history, culture, and cuisine. Plus, explore beautiful sights of nature that are yet to be discovered. Check out these 6 things you can do in Ilocos Norte:

Watch the sunset at Bangui Windmills

If you want to see a breathtaking sunset in Ilocos, head to the Bangui Windmills to witness the beautiful view of wind turbines arranged in a single row stretching along the shoreline of Bangui Bay. Be sure you go there a bit early so you get a good view, as the place gets a bit packed since it is a main tourist attraction.

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Go up Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Need to get a good view from the top? Go up Cape Bojeador located atop of a hill in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It is said to be the tallest lighthouse in the Philippines, so you’ll get to witness the panoramic view of the South China Sea. Also, the area around the lighthouse features original Spanish structures, so it can be a good backdrop for Instagram photos.

Photo: Vigattin Tourism

Witness the beauty of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

It’s not everyday that you get to see rock formations as glorious as Kapurpurawan! If you want to see something different and be amazed by nature, head to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Be sure you go there via car since there are no public transportations that pass by the area.

Trivia: The name “Kapurpurawan,” means “white” in Ilocano, referring to the white rock formations.

Photo: When in Manila

Learn history at the Paoay Church

What makes the Paoay church a sight to see? Well, the Unesco World Heritage site has a three-story bell tower made up of coral stone that is very interesting to see and learn about. In 1894, The church was established by the Augustinian friars, and at present time it serves as an important landmark of Philippine history since it was used as an observation area by the Katipuneros.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Satisfy your cravings with Ilocos Empanada and Bagnet

Love to eat? You can’t go wrong with visiting Ilocos Norte, since there are many types of authentic dishes that you can try. First, try Ilocos Empanada at Glory’s Empanada located in Batac. You have the choice to order different combinations of empanada ingredients such as papaya, monggo, egg, longganisa and even vegetables, so it’s worth the visit. Next, try the Bagnet at La Preciosa for the most authentic pork dish in Ilocos. They serve juicy and crispy bagnet with a side of kamatis, bagoong, and lasona, so it’s perfect for hungry stomachs!

Photo: Pepper.ph

Go beach bumming at Blue Lagoon

If you want a beach spot that is not flocked by many people, then head to Blue Lagoon in Ilocos Norte. It is known for white powdery sand and blue waters perfect for swimming and relaxing by the beach. Before visiting, be sure you do your research and bring your own food and essentials as there are limited establishments within the area.

Photo: The Beauty Junkie

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