Why Personalized Tours are more Preferred in the New Normal of Travel

Still adjusting to the New Normal of traveling? Why not opt for a personalized tour so you can maximize your trip. If you want to experience flexibility and more in-depth experiences, personalized tours are for you. Here are 5 reasons to book a personalized trip:

Health and safety against COVID
The truth is, a lot of people are still hesitant to travel because of COVID. If these are one of your concerns, a customized tour with a private guide can eliminate these concerns. Make sure you and your family are safe by traveling together so you don’t need to share tours with other travelers.

Take your time
Have you ever experienced a group itinerary and you weren’t able to explore the destination that much? With a personalized tour, you can take your time and spend time as much as you want per location. Let’s say you enjoy a certain museum in your dream destination, you can take a long time exploring history and culture and not feel rushed to go back to the bus and leave.

Customize any way you want it
Aside from taking your time, you can choose and customize what part of the itinerary you want to focus on, and what part you would rather skip. For instance, if you’re not an adventurous traveler, you can skip some locations that require a long hike and go shopping in the city instead. Don’t like waking up early in the morning? Change an early morning itinerary to an afternoon adventure, so you can enjoy your time. Not interested in a certain location? No worries, you can skip it. This is one of the best perks of a personalized tour, the power to choose.

Cater to your interests
Usually, pre-packaged tours have already chosen the best sites for you to explore. But if you have a certain interest or niche that you want to do, then this is where you would opt to get a personalized tour. For instance, if you are a huge foodie traveler, then you might want to choose a tour that can take you to different local markets and restaurants around the city. If you love adventure, you may personalize your tour to all hiking and swimming, so it matches your interests. Whether you want a relaxed trip or an adventurous one, a personalized tour will help you do what you love while traveling.

Fit for your budget
One of the best things about a personalized tour is that you can tailor everything to suit your unique budget. If you’re more of a young traveler and prioritize a jam-packed tour, then a hostel or Airbnb can be arranged. But for instance, if you’re on vacation and just want to relax, then a tour with lesser itineraries and more time in a five-star resort can fit you. It’s all about what you want and what fits your budget. As travel agents, we make sure that your trip is memorable and at the same time works with your interests and budget.

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